Hologram Session in the Practice Belgium

We immediately start this page with an important announcement that from April/May 2023 we will finally be able to offer the highly requested accommodation for one or more persons in our cosy Inn 'Het Rodenrijtje'! The web page with information is on its way, but if you want to know more about this, please ask for the information via email.

The first session at Kompaswerk consists of making a Personal Drawing, Aligning and Restoring the Hologram and activating the few remaining components in the original human Source DNA. Aligning the Hologram / DNA Restoration/ Personal Drawing / Singing Bowls Massage with Source Healing Chants & Speech.

The Hologram is a kind of "travel case" which describes the items that Starseeds have taken to mother planet Terra to complete their earthly mission or cosmic mission, because when you go on vacation you don't take your whole house with you either!

What many do not know is that today's modern human body is an artificially modified intelligence and this body is full of advanced nano particles, implants, hookups and so on. The modified DNA that is extracted from the Homo Erectus body is a tracking and controlling system of malevolent aliens who wanted to take over this beautiful globe and make humans their slaves. In this Homo Erectus DNA, a kind of time clock was built on the third helix coupling. As a result, souls returned to total oblivion time and time again with the same mission.

The original third helix coupling is as a teaching mission to incarnate as energy from which soul vibrations exist to a materialized form. The descent of soul vibration into a human body creates a link to the Source DNA and the Hologram upon which the journey and mission can begin. But then again, there you are for the countless time again incarnated in the third helix coupling and you don't even know it!

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Optekenen-Hologram-Kompaswerk-1024x305.jpg

And despite a high grade for the attempt to mimic the Hologram and DNA by extraterrestrial intelligences, they did not know that the Source DNA contains a secret blueprint! This means that your unique mission and assignment are still written somewhere deep within your DNA and Hologram! How fantastic is that?

The information of this is 100% protected, encrypted and encoded so that the secret of this can never be confiscated, but in this universe, this planetary system and human body, they have nearly eradicated the Source information. The Homo Erectus Body contains many extraterrestrial implants and inorganic structures, making this body a kind of 'control system' for the extraterrestrials, which of course is not the purpose of life!

Soul vibrations, the original Hologram and Source DNA apply a similar transmission and fusion method, where waves, frequencies and vibrations flow through the body that the quantum/plasma brain can understand. It is said by scientists that 97% of human DNA, is trash DNA which of course is great nonsense.

Through the manipulated DNA, the soul vibration receives all kinds of impure information, distorted frequencies, encrypted and broken codes that are eventually "read" as uprootedness and disembodiment. This causes loneliness, emotional pain, confusion, obstructions, blockages, false memories, difficult relationships, mental illness, attacks from shapers and entities, and organistic steering of the learning body.

The whole Piscean Age soul search is one big manipulated fake world that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with spiritual reality. The source codes of the human DNA and the real soul doctrine have been tinkered with for centuries in an extraterrestrial intelligent way. It is not for nothing that many soul incarnations from "higher" civilizations feel intensely unhappy and "de-souled" in the human learning body. But in reality, the hologram is 'sealed' with all kinds of faulty cellular DNA templates, encryptions and corruptions.

The human incarnation should be wonderful, where we live life, rather than suffer!

Spiritual growth within the Piscean Age was therefore very heavy, difficult, delayed and compact for many of you, from which you are currently fully recovering. The ascension phenomena people often talk about have to do with upgrading and improving organic Source DNA. Ascension phenomena are not figments of your imagination nor are they suggestive for they really exist. After extensive research over five decades, we now know that many starseeds are searching for the timelines of their journeys.

When the Source DNA and the original Hologram are not harmoniously connected, it is very difficult for the pure soul vibration to make a correct descent into the body so most people are dealing with an incarnational trauma rather than a soul trauma.

Prior to a consultation, we perform a number of actions to allow us to "tune in" when you are on your way to the practice. We first completely energetically cleanse ourselves and the practice before we get started. Then we will begin to record the hologram in advance and put a team in place with you to protect and prosper the journey. Most people on the road feel when we get started and throughout the session there will be energy flow exchanges from beginning to end.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Kompaswerk-implantaten.jpg

These red spots are DNA incarnation implants and they appear at the time of the Hologram Recording. We have not yet touched the person. These implants may be made visible while sitting at the table during the recording, they can no longer hide - gotcha!!!

But not everyone has them (thankfully!!) During the treatment session on the bed, the red spot falls apart and breaks into pieces - After the session or a few hours after the session, this red spot is completely gone.

Please remember that we are not in Mediumship with the Ether, but we are in Alchemical connection with your personal DNA information. Alchemical work, unlike mediumship, carries no "wounded healer" or "soulsearching" so no "line" can be placed at the time of the sessions. Alchemists work from emptiness, oneness, purity and therefore through the Quantum Brain, the Source, the Tachyon and your Hologram. Alchemists do not make contact with guides, the deceased, card readings, or other distractions that can lead to bypasses and even contamination, but we work with our own team of helpers and your team of helpers.

While "working," we are practically not humanly approachable for explaining what we are doing, but in between, of course, questions can simply be asked so we can answer them for you on the spot via downloads. We write as much as possible in human scribbles on paper at the time of the drawing up of your hologram.

Many people ask if they can record the session, but we do not allow this because we have not secured your Devices ourselves. We do not want any Code or Source Information to be sent into the Ether that could not only interfere the session, but also can capture your Personal Information, and then apply new steerings once you are back home.

The ancient Source language that may arise during the session may include your personal signature, such as light codes, information from ancient manuscripts, oracles and even your own soul family language. With this comes symbols, colors, energy forms and sometimes even sounds that signify the name of your soul vibration, bringing information about your cellular memories.

Your Personal DNA information was stored at the time your Hologram was being written down and given a reset through released frequencies. With a sound bath we reset the blueprint information with a very powerful singing bowl session whose singing bowls are placed on the body.

By visualizing your writeup and laying hands representing our "working wings," touching the vertebrae and traveling at the same speed as you can in a relaxed state, we place the stored information and encodings of your Hologram and DNA back into a proper state of functionality.

We remove any nano and implant lines (which sometimes run from neck to foot 🥴) or completely disable them from function which we do through the 'nodes' we find. We track and correct all artificial and nonartificial deflections, also straightening a person's 'antenna' if it is crooked, allowing the Pineal Gland to recover.

Because alchemists do not use established tricks, techniques and methods, each session unfolds differently. So when the hologram and human DNA is severely affected, it may take longer for the processes of major releasing and integration to take place. This is because the soul vibrations really need time to disconnect from the many lives or epigenetic memories of certain lives in the Piscean Age.

Unprocessed layerings, blockages and old lines will come to the surface in a dosed amount of time and this will be exactly according to your own required time schedule. This is an important reason why we do not make follow-up appointments after the session. When it is time for a Nex Level / DNA Activation or a Follow-Up Session, you will eventually knock on our door again yourself.

Requests please include clear header that you want to make an appointment for a Hologram Session in the Practice Belgium We would like to receive your name, full address information and a short motivation as to why you are contacting us. Please keep the application as free as possible from long personal writings, as we will not be able to respond back.

The duration of a session will be around an hour and a half on average, but depending on what information, implants, nano's or damage we find, a session can also extend by half an hour. Most people book an extra half hour just to be safe, but if we don't need it we obviously don't use it. Therefore, the prices below are not established but indicative.

All amounts include VAT.

Drawing up / Restoration of the Hologram Session in Practice: Alignment of the Hologram / DNA Restoration / Personal Drawing / Singing Bowls 'Massage' with Source Healing Chants & Speech (± 90 / 100 min.) -. € 222,00

Run-out or extra time will be paid afterwards via invoice or cash (± 30 min) - € 45,00

If on invoice, there will be € 09.00 for administration costs, in case of a cash payment, take into consideration a possible delay, to avoid making up and sending an invoice afterwards.