Yggdrasil – awakening

Gecodeerde boodschap voor degenen die hiermee resoneren: 28-12-2021 Lieve getraumatiseerde Hyborneanen, Atlantier en Lemurian zielen, jullie enorme trauma’s van de zielenlevens binnen deze tijdperken worden momenteel collectief schoon gewassen via DNA upgrades. Het is een heel lang en complex verhaal, waarover we een boek aan het schrijven zijn, voor degenen die met deze informatie resoneren, maar dit boek zal pas over een jaar, misschien twee klaar zijn omdat het menselijke en spirituele bewustzijn eerst naar de oorsprong gebracht zal worden.

The human words of this are still a bit difficult for us to find in this limited "artificially developed" modern human language of a 26 letter alphabet, but we are learning in this field, so forgive us when the timelines and words get a bit mixed up.

Therefore, we always request that you read our articles from the resonating heart and not with a divided mind, which will allow the thinking to take over. Your spiritual quests are still very disharmonious because you are not yet carrying a quantum brain and because you are still carrying a split kundalini, therefore a broken cellular tree of life (Yggdrasil). Again, this will be reading material for the more evolved spiritual reader and it will remain that way until the reset to Aquarian humanity is fully complete.

Going: awakening and healing of the Yggdrasil - a fully rooted inner tree of life in the third dimensional realm - merged materialized spiritual body form - transition to the true awakening - for the gatekeepers, precursors and researchers, this awakening started in 2011 and the wayshowers are now getting an upgrade of this.

What does it mean when the Yggdrasil in humanity collectively awakens? This means that the 'artificially inserted kundalini snakes' get a reset to the original fused crystal unity form of the feminine and masculine platforms. No more polarity and fighting between the two fighting inner artificial snakes!

The soul children born from these bodies have chosen this soul mission, choosing that their ignorant, thus unconscious transhumanized parents have decided and will decide for them. This shift will continue for many years to follow and grace has been sent to this unconscious soul group who were allowed through extraterrestrial intervention (more explanation will be given on this in the future)

Until 2024 we will feel the effects of that, especially those who are present from the awakened system the major letting go process has been going on for months, for you there is no longer any traumatically bound attachment.

After the takeover of this universe and planetary system by evil Archons, Greys, Draconians, Annunaki, Shifters and Shapers, Artificial Intelligence called Queen Bee and so on, the first seven human civilizations were erased from Terra just as there were many civilizations erased by artificially triggered water and mud flows over the past 7.7 million years.

Due to the many attempts to exterminate souls and the desire to take over the actual human DNA gifts, five decades ago there were no more than 29,000 DNA bodies available to incarnate into.

Shift ( boost of collective energy) of the planetary logo of the spiritual and human DNA existence on a chosen mother planet. This carries very much a long past history of a hugely damaged male and female human being.

The awakening of the Yggdrasil is necessary to be able to "receive" the next incarnations from seven higher human civilizations that are on their way with the proper incarnational density and therefore your "sexual traumas" are being vibrated out of your bodies. These civilizations were here before and we are now on the awakening line of the very first DNA learning bodies that were here on Earth 7.7 million years ago from wonderful civilizations. The heartbeat of Terra is a very important aspect here, as are the Ley lines and therefore the Schumann Resonance.

The learning bodies were technically at the level of 144 helix couplings at the time of Hybornea DNA. Currently, most spiritually evolved people have 7 to 48 helix couplings, but most carry 3 to 5, and that is the present day humanity that will be "left behind" that is being talked about. They will naturally leave this learning planet and their learning body. This means that there will be no artificial intervention from Source in any way.

This soul group chooses mostly from programmed images and human fear for the artificial techniques developed by malevolent extraterrestrials, such as synthetic drugs and the current vaxxi-nazi programs for the newborn babies and children. They will also choose to have themselves and their children vaxxi-nated for the non-existent C. vi/rus, which is intended for further programming to the transhumanized human who will develop a non-bodily consciousness, just as robots are programmed to respond on demand to certain controls.

Instead of responding out of knowledge, emotions, feelings, awareness, love and wisdom, existing ancestral developed - human fear buttons are pushed via social media and transhumanized humanity obeys directly. The once again extraterrestrial experimental developments and researches into the functioning and gifts of the original human DNA, they want to posses in their artificial worlds.

The extraterrestrial development towards an artificial and pornographical male and female or specifically non-male and female artificially developed soulless humanity, while we are incarnated in a masculine or feminine DNA learning body from a specific choice.

New Development: No more physically artificial gender or identity confusion, no more painful sex surgeries and hormonal surgeries for the new incarnation generation who carry inner androgynous consciousness as children - and thus equal humanity, fully in the flesh and blood Body. We are all androgynous, thus inner masculine and feminine balance in vibrational form! The Aquarius generation will fully carry its own gender specific body with verve for what the body is meant to do.

Carrying the masculine or feminine body from the learning aspect into a learning body, sacred marriage is ment to be the true inner balance. Without lustful or sexual oriented relationships, daring to enter into true love with each other in equal form. Little boys love to play with dolls as much as they love to play with cars, and girls love to practice soccer as much as they love to practice ballet dancing so understand what we are really saying with this.

Inwardly there is no separated form, but the child learns about the separated form, the child carries the body for its future and continuation as a learning soul in a learning body in its own constructed and chosen platform. Exactly what the spiritual body is for, the woman is spiritual creation and her man is the action. A unified aspect that we carry within us we are both creation and action, no matter what body we have chosen to incarnate in.

Actually, there really isn't even that much difference except the external difference that one body has a uterus and swollen mammary glands and the other body has a penis with muscular arms. Both are built for a home, a roof over the head, human warmth and caring, a good shelter, nutritious food, human survival and its further developments to pass on to the children from the most simplistic platform.

To be able to guarantee your survival as a very loving human specie and to grow from that aspect of consciousness, to become adults and to pass on generation after generation these wonderful learning experiences until complete fusion takes place, which in turn can be passed on to the next generation. The aspect of patience is what you humans have not yet learned, because you are not yet carrying this awareness, that we are like the continuation of nature, from a simplicity in a complex composition.

It is the human thinking and the quests for more and wanting to be higher that is failing your growing processes, nothing more and nothing less. One wants from the deepest sensitive inner aspect to bring a little family into the world and the other wants to create a spiritual home or gathering of souls, but everything is good in the capacity you choose. In this you do not have to want to be important, we all already contribute to the right aspect of the intention and this is regardless of what body you wear.

On our own we can individually observe and do a great deal, but we cannot in this time of ascension without each other's collective help to bring the Tribes together from the original human!

Our bodies are not sexualized or unspecified objects, but the real instruments of your soul's vibration! This whole thing is now being straightened out for you so that the chosen body can be fully used and dedicated as the tool of Source.

These bodies are neither owned nor objects of the extraterrestrials, nor are they owned by Source, so this ascension of gate seven is fully engaged in claiming back the spiritual and physical aspect of being a human. The 'lost' scientific 'trash' DNA which includes total consciousness. In which each person will freely evolve as you wish.

And then it doesn't matter if you choose a man-man, woman-woman, woman-man relationship combination, because it's the love shape that matters, as long as the inner man-woman aspect is balanced, then it doesn't matter what body you wear and what love form you choose.

Love is love and the divine form of love is certainly not a sexually pained or divided aspect of suppressed and separated human groups. The New World and therefore the real consciousness knows no frameworks! Absolutely no frameworks for we are all One and therefore all human without any enforced or separated boundaries, just as Terra's world should be borderless and without any country borders!

Separate note:

The first leaders of the next generation of soul groups from the seventh and twelfth universes, incarnated through physical parents who had remained "intact" within their DNA lines from the first civilizations on Terra. Because of this and your very hard work, the first seven settlements will be able to be restored and it will bring back Source Consciousness and this is Terra's wish.

Your family lines have incarnated on Northern European Grounds, because this DNA has remained most intact and because of Hybornea's first settlements on these European grounds. Specifically, most of this starseed group (also called the First Human Tribes) are currently together in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and Norway.

But you have to understand that this involves the whole world! After this 140-year human ascension already, you yourselves or your parents left this European continent, even though you carry this DNA background. Because of this, the restoration of the first seven DNA Tribes will slowly be restored and expanded worldwide and we will go back much deeper to the real origin. This information is only the beginning the start up of the seventh gate of ascension!

This incarnational group has had a very hard time in their human task. Many of you were raised by a reptilian or unconscious parent and a spiritually conscious parent (usually Nordic witch or shaman), so there is a large split personally present in this DNA family line chosen by you. Most of you no longer have contact with one or both of your parents because they chose suicide, addiction, break in contact or otherwise. The loneliness and separated soul parts that you have fallen victim to is embedded in your DNA and not in your chosen soul mission. Let's just say that you are true powerhouses!

When we look at generations, we could say that the ancestral DNA of these 29,000 surviving bodies was therefore never extinct, because one or both of the parents lived a long life. At least one of your parents lived to be at least eighty to one hundred years old in these modern bodies, so this original DNA did not become extinct.

Through the many upgrades to the human DNA that you received, by spiritually supporting your childhood wishes or parents in their torments, by choosing not to allow the DNA line to be further can be damaged into complete oblivion, by choosing not to have your child vaxxi-nated, nor participate in extraterrestrial programs, the incarnational density has been expanded to 122,000 available 12 fully helixes incarnation bodies!!!

Very gifted seeds from the seventh and twelfth universes who are from the future timelines and thus bring their consciousness with them thanks to all the preliminary work in this ascension, travel especially into this timeline on Terra's invitation. They are the elementals, the earth magicians, the architects, the builders of the first platforms of this mother planet. New Spirituality, the New Earth and the New Human means that the Origins are coming back.

And last but not least Old soul issues/experiences within the DNA incarnational loop system will be accelerated and the so-called 'karma' you have been given to carry - developed by two main archons - the 'gods' who have been in charge in this universe, linked to the Piscean Age will be cleared from your systems. Karma does NOT exist!!!!!this phenomenon never granted, nor invented, by the Source!!!

Your channels are currently being cleansed so that you will be able to perceive much more clearly, even with fully colored images in meditations, dreams and channelings. Collective visions are being announced and there will be telekinetic upwellings, to bring the Schumann Resonance back to its original state. This is what we are working on now, after encountering a kind of 'electric blanket' after the lifting of the first national curse line. This is causing oppressive headaches and clogged sinuses, increase in noise stimuli for many. What can help is to turn on White Noise in your home at times when these symptoms increase.

More information on this will be provided later after consultation with Anton Teuben and Ellen van der Pol around mid-January. Despite some challenges here and there, the upgrade to seventh to twelfth dimensional consciousness in the physical and spiritual DNA learning body is in full swing and appears to be successful considering the enormous spiritual knowledge being released from the first Tribe members! The actual start-up has begun and we are very excited about this ...

Let's build on trust, connecting in cooperation, healing the ripped apart and formal rootless Yggrasiel tree of life. Be grounded in your present body and system for this aspect is going to be more important than you can currently perceive. Be authentic and free! Start working in the now and just realistically let go of all the old fear thoughts, behavior patterns that were artificially linked to your past soul experiences, for you are part of the New Human if you have come this far in reading - haha.

There will be many, many, many lost puzzle pieces falling into place for most of you. We have telepathically received the beginning of a mantra/chant from one of the first Tribes, which you can listen HERE for further integration. More information will follow, as usual written in coded form, sometimes still a bit scrambled here and there from the hidden workers habits, still learning in the infancy I will reside from the heart of the deepest core.