Het Incarnatiesysteem

“liefde stelt geen vragen
maar eindeloze steun”

27-04-2021 – Yes! We have been given permission from our Council to share this information about the incarnation system with you Dear Ones, the Code receivers. For those who are interested: We are working with incarnation densities as Hidden Researchers and have no permission to share all of the DNA information We have received our Whole life in this Human Crone DNA Body.

Because as you can understand, this world is not ready yet to receive certain complex information at this time of spiritual seeking ascension. That what I may release in terms of information collectively, comes out through my drawings and is only meant for those – who are ready to receive the codes in the drawings and accompanying coded texts (activations).

A clearly observable – very strong telepathic and telekinetic temporary helpers group of Starseeds Soul-beings – coming from the seventh Universe of Omniverse (future linear time) have come together in dreams, channelings, meditation and they have been working together in this way for months. Activation of the Incarnated Ones from this helpers-group took place from May to August 2020. They have been receiving similar symbols, channelings and dreams since the activation – in certain time periods announcing the collective shifts.

Collectively (globally) they have been working to further clear the artificial “tree” that was under the black Obelisk. This artificial tree was created by hostile extraterrestrials, who set out to develop many slaves to mine copper. Copper is a highly wanted raw material for extraterrestrials (everyone thinks that it is gold, but it is not) – which are important ‘energetic’ conductors. The slaves also served as food for the hostile extraterrestrials. They had tied the artificial tree to the energetic Matrix (time lock).

The time lock is a kind of delay of time, which prevented a flow through to the future time. Billions of souls have therefore become trapped in a time delay – which is called here – 3D. These 3D souls – are from the past – and they carry a slower time vibration than the souls coming from the future 5D and up. Because a time lock was put on the fourth incarnation timeline, many souls from the third and fourth Universes incarnated on Earth in a incarnation vessel – our modern human bodies.

We can see the Universes in Omniverse as a sorth of bubbles and many levels of time rings. Each bubble has its own times from the past or future. So we could say that I (and many of you code writers) have traveled from the future to the past. This past carries quite a slow – therefore a massive incarnational density. The time lock is disabled and the spiritual disorder is currently being rectified! Attempting here a brief explanation ?: over the past 168,000 years too many souls from the past timeline were allowed to incarnate, which can also be called souls from lower civilizations. Souls from the future, which can be called souls from higher civilizations – no longer had access to this incarnation system.

From Origine (the soul incarnation system), are souls from the 3th universe NOT allowed to incarnate on Earth, because they have to grow in accelerating their times – so experiences! But the extraterrestrials have created this to make this possible. Originally, only soul folks from the 4th universe timelines are allowed to incarnate on Earth and there is one leaders-group from the 5th universe timeline.

In total there are five groups allowed on Earth per planetary cycle (about 200.000 earthly years). But currently (and please don’t be shocked) there are twelve different soul-groups present on Earth, from twelve different timelines! Because of this, there are far too many different ‘mixes’ and a soul-peoples-soup-mixed-up-people-souls – has been created on Earth which caused a big spiritual disorder.

This (Human) ascension were we are going through, actually means – bringing the Original Spiritual Order Back. It is a very complicated process and ultra-long story that is almost impossible to explain in human words, which I am not going to burden you with. At this moment the spiritual Revolution is over and done and the spiritual Evolution has been in full swing for a few months now, and is palpable !!

From the twelve different timelines soul folks here on Earth, there will be seven soul folks escorted back to their last Universe as soon as their body dies in this life. Angels who are at work in their Universes will receive them with open arms, heal them from their many incarnations on Earth. And after that, they will be taken care of by their own soul families, according to the agreement, and they will not be able to incarnate on Earth again until this planetary cycle is done.

As of now, the entire incarnation system is being put back in order to the five original soul-groups in two or three human generation-times. The Ones who were incarnated for learning and teaching about 168.000 years ago have started with their original learning and teaching tasks. There is nothing to be afraid of, because everything will take place according to the cycle principles – via Omniverse Law of Time. We are still on track and have fully trust the Plan of your God …