Samenvoeging vijf Logo’s

“durf gewoon
een beetje anders te zijn”

18-05-2021 Short Coded Message: Five planetary logos have merged and become one this week, to give the current timetables a big energetic push in the ascension shifts – of True Inner Freedom! Particularly noticeable past two to three weeks, with the opening of a number of download portals from the solar systems (consciousness), Terra is helping us with the physical piece from her cellular – and thus planetary logos – and all the lies and illusions we are living in.

Pay close attention to the peaks and valleys of Schumann Resonance and anticipate the released vibrations through meditation and visualization, so you can heal and upgrade yourself. You are asked to reconnect with the plant and animal kingdoms – especially the trees which together form a vast network of Healing for all that lives – old energies will be restored – the fall of all what was not – and only true connections will stand. The current human language, as we know it will be transcribed and replaced for resonance, inner knowing – which is the only way to let the truth in and see reality with our own eyes – not the eyes of others.

To see your own reality is not to list a row of facts, but from a deep inner wisdom and knowledge. I am aware that everything seems to be very complex, but in fact it is not – if we only flow with the rhythm of Life itself, our Heartbeat and Breath and where our feet take us – is precisely the step we take where we are supposed to be. As soon as we – human beings – dare to step out of conditioning, we immediately stop wanting to ‘explain’ ourselves intellectually with the Ego.

Consciousness is merely a connected mental flow that will never stop – to live in the NOW is to live the sovereignty that we really are. Where it is possible, we can at all times break with old and unhealthy patterns of self-destruction. Narcissistic relationships built from unhealthy lineages from previous ages and its family lines – epigenetics – is only a core awareness that in reality cannot harm (or attract) anymore – if we learn to understand how the buildup of human pain has arisen in each and all of us – forgiveness also lives in each and all of us – so please take a closer look at your own behaviors, all is a fractal parts of self, mirroring your own unforgiving self …

We are not a slave to society, not a puppet of politics, not a imprisoned soul full of false created karmic lines and contracts. Our bodies are temporary vessels wherein we can travel were we want with our holograms (astral body). Try – as soon as you feel locked up – to spread your soul wings with Lucid Dreams and Astral Travelling – it’s fun to do, to create and push the powers of inner freedom to others and forwards – we are all connected! Terra has given us the freedom to use her playground in a good way. She is no longer obstructed anymore – So why do we think we are?