Boodschap van een oude vriend

“er is niets
wat jou kan vasthouden”

01-02-2019 – Message: Did You Dear Ones also – Notice who was with us this week? The Old Dark itself and that was a long time ago for me. While drawing and channeling, I said, Hi dear old friend, welcome back, long time no seen. Do you remember that you once collaborated with the Light? That you were developed by this Universe, and that you are part of the Yin Yang?Are you now playing with the weakened people, because you are confused?

Well we had the same dear old friend, we were confused too. We were just playing Lightbeïngs, and did not understand about it when we awakened, we had to learn too, and that is okay.To many workerseeds, below the 12th timeline – were poluted by the manipulated darks, so we had to put their work down. Because they did not know what kind of confusing messages they were sending trough takenovers from the Artificials.

And if you want, I will update you, because my guts feelings tells me, that you had no idea, because they put you to sleep also. That your beautifull work in the Yang has taken over also, and that the manipulators took benefit of your true gifted powers. Al telling lies about you my dear Yang friend, because the manipulated darks feed themselves, with fear from humans. Do you hear that? They are feeding themselves with misery, confusion, chaos, fear, archonts, curselines etc etc and developed many confused painbodies and souls.

Well, I always knew from origine that this is not your work old friend, they took all secrets of the Yin Yang powers. Long time ago they took ours too, we had to understand that also. The Spiritual and Universal order is being restored – you are being restored also, and cannot run away from it. You have to take a deeper dive in all materials, and stop connecting with the polluted shit they threw out.

We have to remember true origins self, even when it’s difficult. You can help us you know, because when they put down Yin, you will come with us also, that is the end of you also. Remember who you really are and why you cooperated with Angels a long time ago. Everything that is happening now is also happening within ourselves, that the inner order is being restored.

But they have made humans afraid of you with all kinds of false stories they tell. Do you know that they call you Satan? This is not your playing field, but the playing field of the manipulated darkness. The real playing field of you they have taken from you, do you understand?

And no, I am not laughing at you, we are not laughing at you, we are asking for spiritual order, because you too love Mother Earth and this Universe, just like us, because the planets are our children. So Lord of Yang, you too may take time to recover. In your name a lot has been done to the detriment of the Earth, so be patient, just like we have to be.When the spiritual order has been restored, you again are part of the true Yin Yang, as it has meant to be.

We have to let go this manipulated game, and understand what realy happend. I love you as much as I love the light, because you are part of all creation and therefore a child from God, the fused Yin Yang. God is our feminine masculine, mother and father our parents in One Being.

And you must know dear Darkness of Light, that taken over the Children from mother Earth is not your job, you are the order of Universe you can restore the Balance with us, like we always used to. The souls have fallen into oblivion or are blindfolted by the manipulated dark. It’s a shame that they are affraid from you and that they call you Satan, doing many many many wrong things out of that name. Restoring the 5th timeline in Universe is taking place now, and I want to invite you to use the true powers we are toghether.

And help us with the exorcism of the manipulated darks. The paper that was around the drawing started burning because the tealight was getting too hot. My son said WTF is going on and I said something is communicating with me, and it’s understood.

Meditate, visualize and stay in touch with your Soulwings (these can never be taken away). Connect with the Earth, the Schumann Resonance, your own frequencies, your own incarnation density and stay with yourself – Always. No matter what ‘test’ you are currently facing, you will overcome it by understanding what is going on.

That we consist of organism and that the organism is used to ‘survive’ through looping systems, repeating – The Old Pains and sufferings You do not Need anymore. Notice in which you are repeated over and over again and step out of it by seeing what is going on. These are not The Usual Drawings, But Important enough to share. Breath the whole Environment in, and Blow out Pure Love the whole day, it will bring some Rest and Peace.