My Name is Heidy

There is no hammer or sickle where I can achieve beautiful things with, because I am the instrument where I work with. I have been working as an integral & spiritual coach since 1999 and have helped many people with their spiritual growth and development. Many people call me power-woman, primal-woman, witch and cosmic fighter for Freedom, Love & Light. This is exactly how my true being shines on others. I feel a strong and deep connection with mother Gaia and father Cosmos. My soul represents the wise connection between them, and my body is the physical instrument that I use. Since 1999 I have been researching the Big Awakening. The spiritual state, growth & development, symptoms & characteristics of the planetary ascension and the human evolution that is going on. Besides working with the elements from the oldest nature religion, I also work with the elements of the new consciousness. You could say that I am an old witch in a modern coat.

Inquisitive children’s eyes looked at the adult so penetratingly until the adult felt uncomfortable. After a long pause, she suddenly wanted to cuddle with that person, because she had felt the soul in a completely natural way.

Later, when I mastered the human language, I said that someone was green and sweet. And it’s exactly that form of communication where it went wrong in my life. I communicated in a way that was not known to the people around me. In retrospect, I understand that I spoke through cosmic languages, in symbols and colors, looking, touching, feeling and knowing. Perhaps my way of communicating was much more normal or natural than the spoken and thinking way of today. 

From the day that I could read a bit decent, I always had my nose in the books by the local library. There was no child in the neighborhood who had the same interests, so they saw me as a weird kid. I looked up the strange questions that popped up in my mind, and was fascinated to the smallest detail of our existence. I carried out very important child research on humans, the cosmos, human death. Where did people come from? Are there aliens? Are my parents my real parents? What are stars? Are there any bugs in the blood? What does the earth look like? My thinking was actually too big for a ten-year-old childbrain, but I couldn’t help it. My brain and way of feeling never changed, and it was very difficult for me to put the communication within me out to others. I heard the call of the soul far before the human package was ready for the information. Sometimes I unintentionally kicked through someone’s situation, which was not always appreciated. So instead of developing into a self-confident adolescent, I became a shattered person, who lived in two worlds. Fully adapted, tired and burned out while “surviving”, life went on with slow strides. Despite a wonderful family, relatives and friends, I felt so alone that I increasingly felt a deep and inexplicable “homesickness”. 

The day that I had an almost fatal car accident, I was shaken “Awake” on a very brutal way. I had to face myself and look at the mirrors that I got mirrored in my life. Who was I without the illusions, without all those outside faces, without a mask and a pained ego. Who was Heidy really behind the shame and the (so-called) invulnerable exterior? My “rebirth” ensured that I again became full access to the cosmic gifts and talents that I used to had as a child. The discovery that I was able to get in touch again with my spiritual gifts was fenominal, and slowly I started to feel at home on earth. The Work-out was not easy at all, because I had to work out a lot of deep emotional pain that I had build up in my life. Slowly I became more and more sensitive, intuïtieve and stronger! When you get to know me as a person now, you cannot see at all the battle I deliverd to get in the Here and Now. The growth to higher levels of consiousness was not easy and painfull, because I had to work out very profound human life issues. Trough hard work and perseverance, I am now where I want to be in life, and I have received most of the answers to my questions that I have been carrying with me my whole life. 

My soul is an Lyran Alchemist from the constellation Vega and my soul-family has 45 members. I was retired for about 150,000 earthly years when there came an announcement that humanity and mother earth were in need. Another era-change was coming, but this time mother earth decided to do this era-change with the people on it. I went voluntarily to earth to help other souls in this ascension, like I did all other era-changes. 

The colors of my soul are crystal white, silver, green and light blue. My soulname is Muschara and I am a master-gatekeeper of the last golden column that officially opened at 31-01-2019. At the beginning of 2016, I became spontaniously activated in a channel meditation where a silver drop was placed in my highest chakra. I was blessed by Metatron to help and perform (behind the scenes, not openly) many channelings with 7,000 cooperating master-gatekeepers. We had to activate 144,000 key-holders. These key-holders are the teachers for the 700,000 light-bearers who are slowly become awaken now. They all will help to complete the ascension to 5D consciousness on earth for the next 20 years. For me there is nothing to convince or to prove, because I trust 100% in resonance and my own channelings. 

I left the 3D duality more than 20 years ago, because this was not my own life and world. It’s still difficult for me to see the most beautiful light and love souls locked up in their warring bodies of flesh and blood in a 3D world. That is why I have to come out as myself, after 20 years working and researching the Lightwork behind the scenes.

With Love from Heidy