Total Reset Hologram

All people carry an energy body (hologram) that is present, but not visible to the naked eye. The hologram is as unique as a fingerprint and is directly connected to our physical SPINE. This hologram controls the chakras for optimum life energy and is capable to connect with the cosmic and earthly vibes. With our Holograms we can come into contact with certain healing sources that strengthen the healing powers of ourselves. Our hologram is actually the key to the greater potential of us human beings. For most people the hologram is damaged, polluted, crooked or full of old energetic lines that distract and hinder us in our spiritual and emotional life. 

Resonance Massage Healing consultation in my practice: is evolved pioneers work, and a technique or method that uses the resonance of the powerful earthly energy and forces as the Ley lines and Shumann Resonance. In trance I make a soul drawing while the person opposite is getting a channeld reading and messages. On the massage tabel I use my hands where I can ‘read’ while massaging the Hologram, who is directly connected to the SPINE. With special massage techniques I will vibrate the old blockages free and discharge them to the earth. Then I remove (Extraterrestrial) implants and old energylines that you no longer need. I also release the energy body from entities and other sticky energy like old curses, and newer accusations. Then I place with age-old sound-resonance new light- and color codes into the hologram.

The light- and color codes that are placed in the hologram are harmonious energetic vibrations who will perform continuous work at the energetic body. You’d better call it a total reset, upgrade or re-programming from the whole psysical and energetic body, mind and spirit. You can see this magician Lightwork as the ‘forgotten’ technique that is actually as old as Mother Earth herself. Kompaswerk has been working for two decades with these special energieflows and strong healings. This technique combines Old and New with eighother, and has made a leap to the New Spiritual Work. Human body’s are slowly changing the DNA structures from homo sapien to homo galacticus. We alle become an upgrade to the higher consciousness. So it’s nice if this process can be accelerated. Please read the (Dutch) reviews HERE 

Costs of the first healing and reading concultation (90 minutes):  € 89,00 

Follow-up consultation: Start treatment immediately to work on deeper level & layers (70 minutes): € 74.00

Distance healing all over the world can be done also, this will not go through a spinal massage and sounds, but will be achieved through soultraveling & cosmic connection between two souls. Hereby I will make a personal incrypted Sigil, of which the codes are only can be released with a distance healing. Once I am in contact with a soul who wants a Sigil and disteance healing, then it does not matter how big the distance between us is. Once we understand how energetic distance work works, you also know that all energy is interconnected and that we can travel astral with our souls and hologram. I can connect my hologram with another hologram by astral soul-traveling, even if the soul is living at the other side of the world. Hereby I’ll use the highest achievable frequencies and the newest lightcodes. The dimensions I work with are all connected with Angel Metatron, the earthly and cosmic Merkaba and my familymembers from the council of Lyra, where I am the alchemist from. 

What is acheiveble with this kind of distance healing work? Cleaning and activate 13 chakra’s, with special attention for the third eye and heart chakra. Removing old extraterrestrial energetic implants, removing and disconnect attached entities, shapeshifters, archonts, demonic energy’s and other energetic substances. Curselines from formal ancestors as also emotional lines from current problems in all relations (compliance, obligations, etc). Increasing the highest codes to restore and upgrade the whole hologram with the encrypted coded Sigil.  

Kompaswerk plants the seeds and you continue to grow! Please request via emailmessenger, or whatsapp (+31624158514). Then you will receive further important information and requests, the payment details (Paypal). 

The costs of a Sigil in A4 format, with the Light Coded Healing and Personal Reading amounts: € 97.00 – $ 111. 00 

Registered and insured shipping costs: € 16.00 – $ 18.00