Sigil for Adults

The word ‘Magic’ has completely disappeared from our vocabularies, and most people have never heard from the word Sigils at all (magic seals of graphic symbols and light lettering). Everything we know from mythology is a “fabrication”, so we all learned the past 2000 years that magic does not exist at all. Making Sigils is as old as the world itself. You can find the graphic symbolism in ancient graves from the Stone Age, the cave paintings or symbols that are engraved in metals such as gold and bronze, the beautiful sand work of monks or the buttons on medieval clothing. Age-old tribal tattoos from the Maori or other Indians and tribes also fall under this form of symbolism. They all contain a meaning that goes beyond just the verbal meaning of what we now know.

(We call graphic symbols that are made conscious to contain a mystical meaning a “sigil”. The word “sigil” comes from the Latin “sigilum” which means “lock” (hence the Dutch translation “(magic) seal” of the word sigil, cf. seal, but in magic the English term is usually “sigil magic” or sigil magic). 

Sigils are symbols that represent a personal attribution to a person who has a question or wish. They contain light script, universal codes, spirits and light beings or their own personal magic signature. They can also symbolize very complex concepts, such as the path of souls that someone has to walk, or to clear up the layers of emotional pain that can hinder spiritual growth. The Sigil can be used as a power seal for meditations, healings, channeling, dreams and prayer. They are made as a magic tool to achieve certain goals in the energetic work or to gradually remove deep old pain. Usually they are gates and veils between the soul, the world and the spirits to evoke them. They are used to divide the soul mission or personal spiritual learning path that someone has to go. 

All Sigils come to development through channeling with and coordination from Archangel Metatron who is our guidance in the transition 5D. The cosmic and earthly Merkaba codes symbols, light codes and colors are provided during the drawing. Every Sigil has been made personal, where a lot of love and time is invested by me and my helpers. The writing that is placed around the Sigil is a light language of the higher Spirits who help me develop the Work and lock the Sigil personally for you. As soon as the Sigil is received at your personal address, I will unlock the protected lightcodes in a distance channeling and energetic healing.

Then the Sigil will guide you step by step through synchronicity such as resonant dreams, meditations, patterns, symbols, texts, numbers, people and animals that you have to go. The special thing about these Sigils is that they always change in patterns and colors or forms, as soon you start to working with it. When you focus on it during meditation, a pattern forms that will open another gate within you time after time. For me it is always a surprise what will come out while drawing!

Because it is a very intensive and precise job that will take several hours to draw. The signing and coding must take place in parts with Christal skepters and Andaras, and takes at least 24 hours. When this coding proces is completely done, the Sigil will be sent to your personal home address. The Sigil is sent in a thick, protected envelope that will survive the overseas trip. They are sent registered and insured, so you have to sign for receipt. 

As soon the Sigil has been received, we will make an appointment for an energetic distance healing. I will unlock the lightcodes, activate them and place the codes in your energy body (hologram). This energetic healing and codeplacing will takes about an hour. The growth process that you wish for and have to go is accelerated by working with the personal Sigil. You are supposed to work with it in meditations and channelings, so the codes can do their work. The awareness that is needed for you will soon be sufficient, and the Cosmic talents and gifts that your soul possess becomes activated.

The costs:
Energetic distance healing, coding and short reading with method are included in the amount. NB: please request via email, messenger, or whatsapp (+31624158514). Then you will receive the payment details and after the payment the Sigil will be made. 

Sigil for adults – A4 format: € 97.00 – $ 111. 00 

Registered and insured shipping costs: € 16.00 – $ 18.00