Welcome to Kompaswerk

Kompaswerk (compass work) has been developed for spiritually aware people who are walking the path of the higher consciousness (5D and higher). Where people are used to talk about ‘floating stuff’ a few years ago, has now become a fact for many of us, that we form and create our own illusions in life. It’s striking to see that we are Aware of the time we have on earth. We have discovered that we have our own identity with our own personal core values. It is becoming increasingly clear how we are going to spend our time on earth! 

We are souls who are incarnated in a human body of flesh and blood in a world called The Third Dimension (3D). It is not life in 3D that gives the necessary problems in life, as many of us mistakenly think. It’s the “lower consciousness” that causes the problems in life. We have to deal with all kinds of peripheral issues and futilities that do not even matter. The “lower consciousness” is a collectively created worldview that our unconscious and fearful ancestors have bin maintained.

For centuries long we have not been able to develop our own identity and personality, because as soon as we are born, we will receive a social security number with a first and last name. From the first breath of our existence we must conform to the will and law of others. We carry the heavy burden on our shoulders from old family lines and patterns. It’s difficult, because these old lines has damaged and deformed our deepest cell structures. You can see the problems of the “Lower Consciousness” as a tough and linear substance to which we are stuck on for life, as human puppets! 

A universal upgrade (transition) has been going on for a number of decades, which is tackling this tough and linear substance. Collectively we switch from a 3D lower consciousness to a 5D higher consciousness. To get to this higher consciousness, we first have to get rid of our old interpersonal structures, energetic pollution and emotional blockages. The major clean-up associated with the universal upgrade is called The Ascension Process.

Slowly we become detached from our emotional painbodies, old thinking patterns and conditioning from parents, so that we can come back to our own core values. The worldview slowly changing, enabling us to develop our own identity and personality.

The tough black energetic substance has a very low vibration that sustains the old emotional blocks and polluted energetic lines. That is of course not the intention that we stay stuck on it! 

Many studies have shown that earthly and cosmic vibrations control the energetic and chemical processes in our body’s. This energy can be tuned on to the energy body (hologram) that has its own frequency spectrum. The resonating vibrations and frequencies constantly emit electric pulses, waves and vibrations. The universal upgrade is energetic and intends to release and heal the old emotional blockages and polluted energetic lines or substances that we still carry with us. This brings the necessary characteristics and symptoms that are called Ascension Phenomena.

Social, emotional, physical and psychological suffering are in most cases caused by a failing or blocked energy body, who can’t receive the earthly and cosmic vibrations anymore! Evolved energies requires a deep research of the newest spiritual state of affairs, growth & development, symptoms & characteristics of planetary ascension, and associated human evolution. Kompaswerk can we see as a workable methodology that has developed over the past two decades. For a lot of people now to be said as “pioneering work”.

Since 1999, Heidy van Melis has been continuously working on the development of this whole ascension process and has helped hundreds of people through training, workshops and healings that are given in her practice in Holland.

– physical and mental unrest
– sleeping problems, restless 
– dreams and nightmares
– entities, implants, archonts, shapeshifters
– nightly visit of spirits and entities
– tantrums, crying in the night
– poor appetite, unhealthy eating patterns
– increase in addiction
– need for sugary products
– eczema, skin rash, lower resistance
– feeling exhausted even after 8 hours of sleep
– not being able to stay with yourself
– unclear boundaries
– unable to see clearly
– take on feelings and pain from others
– react emotionally or aggressively to others 
– fibromyalgia, CFS, ADD, autism
– overall malaise
– burnout, depression-like symptoms
– and so on