"The collective darkness and light we experience, precisely in this capacity - as inner duality of both. As within, as without, and through Others, we receive the mirrors of life that show how far we are driven apart on the inside

Welcome to the Aquarian Age!

Although "spirituality" has acquired a negative connotation in the vernacular thanks to a floating past of spiritualism, idolatry, gurus, tarot cards, quests for twin souls and invocation of angels, in the Aquarian Age a very different meaning is given to "spirituality. We are both material and non-material from a certain consciousness present in a human body. It is through this human body from which the cosmic working wings are represented with a healthy dose of realism.

When you, from loving intention, bring the sick neighbor across the street a homemade soup, are vegan because you don't want to eat animal suffering or run an ecological business, then you are working from consciousness just as much as those who, from the same loving intention, share their cosmic and earthly knowledge with others. We at Kompaswerk believe that there should be no difference in the earthly role that someone fulfills or the cosmic mission that someone comes to bring.

We are in the process of a huge collective transition whereby the earthly and the cosmic will be brought together through encounters and exchanges of experience, knowledge and wisdom. This is necessary during the collective happenings that are going on in the upgrade of your DNA and necessary for the realistic building of the new Platforms for the future Civilizations.

We can't just contribute from the cosmic aspect of Light and Love, because surely being able to hang a toilet bowl is pretty darn useful in the building of the new worlds because we're all just still pooping. And despite being fun to do, we have never met a bricklayer who builds houses from Divination cards with the help of invoking Angels.

However, there is a magical connection between our thoughts and feelings within the world in which we have the honor of residing in the human body as an spiritid being. This time period many of you have chosen to descend to planet Terra (TaR-RaH are sounds that could be divided into 200 compartments 🙂 ) known as Mother Earth and you are present as Soul vibrations or Consciousness within this time period in an Incarnation body.

We are in the Aquarian Age and most Aquarian workers feel quite trapped within this Human Incarnation body and life made up of responsibilities and obligations. Aquarian workers are incarnated Starseeds from ancient and advanced civilizations and they freely interpret their intrinsic knowing which acts exclusively on others through inner resonance and they are pioneers!

DNA is cellularly connected to all materialized and non-materialized aspects of life and is therefore not visibly responsible for the conversion of important proteins. From another cellular connection, DNA works harmoniously with the Hologram who is responsible for converting cosmic codes that can be extracted from vibrations, frequencies and waves. Through telepathic understanding or inner resonance, these codes are converted into vibrations called the Soul in human language.

But there are so many damages present in the human DNA body and the Hologram that one's own consciousness, cosmic gifts and talents are almost immediately forgotten at the time of descent into the human body in the womb as a human baby.

And then you have finally arrived on Terra as a fully undamaged vibrational form to make a wonderful and important contribution in the greatest awakening ever and you are sitting there with all those broken DNA and Hologram structures, emotional blocks, old family lines, dramas and taken over misery of the ancestral DNA.

Uh, goodluck with thát?!
Well, that ain't going to happen!

The deeper vibrations within yourself full-throated "yes" I want to! For Terra is a stunningly beautiful planet of consciousness and most of us descended to it with inexplicable sadness once we realized that there is not much left of its true creation. Terra is being systematically destroyed by a sleep-deprived humanity who have all eventually become modern slaves to a pyramidized society.

Since February 2019, we have begun to build the Platforms for the New Human Civilizations within this 300,000 year Aquarian Age and this is going to be quite an event. We are here at the invitation of and in collaboration with Terra and every animated being present on this planet has chosen Terra as their mother planet and chosen to be present during this special time to contribute to the awakening of the blindfolded human.

What we are in the midst of now, and what is very clearly felt, is the "death struggle" of an unprecedentedly strong extraterrestrial darkness, which has been in control here for 7.7 billion years. The ermbic condition of the human race and its narrowed consciousness carries quite an interesting history, and it has become clear after a long period of research that there is a need for original (cellular) information that fits the current modern age.

Kompaswerk therefore addresses in its articles quite a few controversial topics that will bring the Aquarian worker back to the cellular memories of Source and we do this by working from the 0-point energy. The reading material you will find on this website is 100% authentically written with our own hands and the reading material is definitely intended for the more advanced reader of topics about human ascension and the broader consciousness.

Currently, there is a quest among a number of courageous Travelers (click in menu on English) from ancient and advanced civilizations who have come to bring tremendous knowledge, wisdom and experience to humanity. They incarnated to come to guide this fifth Terratime as teachers for teachers who wish to learn as students about this modern incarnation.

This small group of researchers, precursors and explorers have seen a lot of the genetically engineered, partially transhumanized "modern" human body, but also seen a lot of the "spiritual" developments and artificially influenced influencers within the internet age.

Research has been done on matters that soul incarnations have had to endure in the Piscean Age and by now they know enough about the work of the false light and the manipulated darkness. We understand why consciousness planet Terra has invited the Aquarian Helper Group, for they are not only here to bring truth, but they are laying the first building blocks of the new era.

If there are many lies inserted anywhere, it is in this DNA body full of false templates, nano implants and separated brain parts that have become a self-governing organism. There is a narrowed consciousness in almost all of humanity and this is not the fault of the human himself, but of the Planetary Rulers who have taken over many planets within this universe and were in the process of taking over this planet.

What is described in terms of DNA templates in the human body appears to have become a false soul theory for virtually all incarnated soul vibrations. And it is of course not the intention that souls that are supposed to be able to travel freely through their own timelines as 'prisoners' can only travel around in manipulated circles within the dimensions designated by the Rulers, it's time for change!

Something that has been given the chance to build for a long time is not easily dismantled. And it is important that we can be present from a deep, pure inner vibrational power, which is not always easy in a world full of manipulated darkness and false light. Every spirited being who can incarnate in a human body has incarnated on mother planet Terra with a unique earthly and cosmic talent and task. And to this uniqueness should be given a free interpretation and makability, exactly in the capacity that we are from essence in a human package.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to be able to 'fly' with the working wings, invisible to the human eye, into a materialized density that actually includes the third dimension. The DNA 'memory' contains many programmed thinking errors that eventually became a self-governing organism. This self-governing organism is also immediately the 'prison' in which we think we are.

Most Aquarian workers have not sufficiently descended to the body with their soul vibrations because, first, they do not recognize this broken DNA and Hologram at all and therefore cannot read it. And secondly, animated incarnations are hooked up and controlled almost immediately through organic and inorganic incarnation implants. This leaves most with their own consciousness in oblivion and a high probability of getting stuck in the incarnation looping system.

As a code cracker, alchemist, forerunner, researcher, explorer and platform builder, we at Kompaswerk are a Council present from the Source Age to provide information about the 'spiritual' and human happenings on Terra. For many readers this might be quite a time jump to take, especially for those who have not yet come to the realization that almost everything, including the 'spiritual' developments were controlled through Artificial Intelligence and we are here to get to the bottom of it.

The realization will have to slowly "sink in" with many readers of our (often encoded written) pages because we at Kompaswerk have not taken on the most enjoyable researcher role. For five decades we have made many journeys through the planetary logos of Terra and the collective human DNA. Your quests for twin rays, twin souls, the 5D mindset or to make a human decision by drawing Tarot cards is then suddenly a lot less romantic, because twin souls do not exist and we cannot build civilizations through Tarot cards.

The counterparts of light have managed to keep many spirited incarnations trapped for billions of years in a pyramidized incarnation looping system. Dit hebben ze voor elkaar gekregen via laboratorische experimenten en genetische manipulatie van het oorspronkelijke menselijke DNA, waar vele (an)organische implantaten in werden geplaatst.

Many of the developments within 'spiritual' ascension were intended as pure deception to keep you away from the natural and original 0-point energy awakening as much as possible. The counterparts of the Light mainly acted on the broken and lonely Ego-self, on the 'satanic' DNA lines in our bodies and through the Kundalini, Yoga, Tantra artificial lines were stirred up which led to a dangerous 'spiritual bypass' of humanity.

This is where intervention was required, for the original and natural 0-point energy awakening allows for a complete descent of the soul vibrations through which there is once again access the body's own consciousness upon which the body can take action that will bring Balance.

The experience of "spirituality" for the real Aquarian worker is much more realistic than the dream worlds that the Artificial Intelligence presented. We like to make real changes from action, rather than just dreaming of a brighter and lighter world, action that brings Balance and Inner Peace to the world.

The human incarnations are very interesting, but also intense because this is a process of doctrine and cosmic evolution. The real learning body in a certain time period and density, we find ourselves now as 'human beings'. So who says that Devil has it bad for us and that Light is only good in this particular human teaching? We are in a certain reality or non-reality as indoctrinated human beings and we think there is a lot of profit to be made here.

Cell for cell deeper into the realization of the terrible state of being humanity is in, the systematic destruction of this planet from unconsciousness, seems to us Peace and Balance is already a nice stepping stone so that Terra will fare better. It is beautiful to share all these different thoughts, feelings, opinions, theories, facts and so on.

The current modern human DNA body is not only human, but contains more than twenty different kinds of races and is exceptionally interesting for malicious (intelligent) soulless races from this Universe. For wanting to obtain the information described in this cosmic and human DNA, wars have been fought for billions of years that reached far into this Universe.

Much of the original knowledge has been confiscated, falsified, distorted, bent and dispersed and we are here to return the original Blueprint to which you can give a free interpretation as a collaborating humanity. Terra (TaR-RaH), a number of Galactic Federations and Counsels are helping plenty with the upgrading of the genetically engineered DNA body. As a result, we are becoming a Resourced Human and can finally start working from the 0-point energy. Our Deeper Located Cosmic Powers are increasing so that in the end we can collectively contribute a large Stone in the Construction.

We can finally start playing!

Kompaswerk works from Modern Alchemy and we make advantage of the water-like substance in the body that absolutely responds to vibrations and frequencies. Not much is known about alchemy yet in a world full of modern holistic healers and that makes sense because almost all incarnated alchemists could crack the encrypted and secret cosmic codes that the aliens wanted.

Our knowledge and science in books and writings were then confiscated and the alchemist was then murdered or exiled so that the aliens could take credit and stick their contaminated techniques to the original alchemical work.

In this time period, we are concerned with unraveling secret and encrypted encodings of genetically engineered DNA. Research and actions are being taken from the mystical and magical healing forms and we are cracking their secret, sacred or encrypted codes. We work with blueprint knowledge, use frequencies and vibrations to direct cellular energy on both a collective and individual level and we do this by astral travel to the parallel dimensions, worlds and realms that were taken from you.

We prefer to work quietly alone because alchemists are exceptionally high clairsentience-knowing and hearing. Our workroom is chaotically filled with books, stones, jars, bottles, crystals, metals, scribbles, drawings, sound instruments, herbs, tinctures, colors and writing materials. During this work we are in very deep meditation, channeling and silence. This is to be able to make a very pure attunement with the 0-point energy that is released once the codes are cracked and then writings form that contain no human language.

The dismantling and cracking of the codes is done in order to make mother planet Terra a home for spirited beings with a Heart. Virtually all the information that the Ongoing Whistleblowers wanted to share with you through the Internet and Books was withheld, hidden, twisted, falsified and distorted. The Lightworkers were influenced by this to unintentionally spread the false Light among a cautiously awakening Humanity. Especially capitalizing on the still unconscious in Mankind, these Lightworkers got the many followers, admirers and adherents that Artificial Intelligence wanted.

In this way, you would never arrive at the original awakening of the 0-point energy that absolutely does not build Platforms of popular air castles to fool and keep humanity in oblivion for as long as possible. Understand that the Greys, Draconians, Archons and Annunaki in cooperation with each other are behind Artificial Intelligence to take over Human bodies and they want to do this by Transhumanization.

Eventually with the intention of taking over the original human DNA created by Terra and manipulating it into unnatural Transmens in which animated beings can no longer incarnate. It is the chips, implants, hookups, nano particles and so on from which humans are controlled. The spirited being who feels like a boy in a girl's body, for example, is a terribly traumatic and sad development, because soul vibrations are absolutely Androgynous and it is very much not the original intention to be deeply unhappy with the female or male body you are wearing.

On this the last word will not yet be written by us because all our current children are artificially influenced through Tiktok, Youtube, Television programs and their parents are wearing blinders. We keep saying that this is a very dangerous unnatural development in which the young child is encouraged to become transsexual, transvestite, pedophile or porn child and the biggest danger, the influence towards self-chosen chip implants injected into the largely hybrid body.

Fifty years ago, out of billions of bodies, there were only 29,000 bodies available that carried the human DNA component of the 0-point energy (Crone DNA/the 0 component), so the real awakening had to happen from within and not from without. This has been the main reason for our hidden work behind the scenes. We have now arrived at the magnificent number of about 125,000 available bodies with fully restored 0-point energy and that is a huge win for Terra.

Despite alchemy is as old as mankind itself, Kompaswerk exclusively uses modern alchemy in its collective and individual work because our bodies are dealing with highly advanced alien DNA implant and nano techniques.

Share your own pioneering spirit, unique work, knowledge and wisdom with others so that we may once again become teachers to each other rather than seekers and lost travelers. The deeper Truth will be stirred up, resonate, vibrate, make you glow with recognition to the deepest fibers. Making you laugh and cry at the same time through the realization that you are not strange or weird but perhaps a One-seed, Mantle-bearer, Galactican, Artifact-bearer or a Star-seed who vibrates in a different way than current soul vibrations vibrate.

Even though we have somewhat complex information to bring, and are still practicing to find the right human words, those who vibrate the current frequencies and vibrations through synchronicity will come out on this website as a matter of course from understanding - resonate with the information we have described which will bring about the feeling of 'finally coming home'. Feel free to read the Recensions for Kompaswerk or go immediately to : The Practice.

Just let me know if you have any questions, have something interesting to share, want to order a personal written Sigil or book a session to experience what - Kompaswerk - can do for you. Send an email to info@kompaswerk.nl. With a visit to the practice, keep in mind that there is quite a long waiting list.

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy