You are in the NOW ....

has been for over three decades
pioneer in modern alchemy

Sigil Writings, Modern Alchemy, DNA & Hologram Healing
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You are present in the current Spireality of the now with all the human and soulful depths & growth aspects that go with it. Alchemy from the Heart transmits Sparks from Authenticity and Individuality and that allows the Other to Receive your Unique Frequencies.

But that is not always easy in a world full of indoctrinated systems that were developed for the Spirited Human ... And in this we would like to share our Vision with Others ....

By scientists it is said that 97% of human DNA, is trash DNA which is obviously a hoax. Through the manipulated DNA, the soul vibration receives all kinds of uninformed data, distorted frequencies, scrambled and broken codes that are eventually " being read" as being uprooted and disembodied.

"happiness derives mainly
from cherishing others"

The Practice
of Kompaswerk
works with the cellular
memories of your unique DNA

By now, our special work in the field has become a concept in the Netherlands and Belgium and requests are made worldwide for distance sessions, personal drawings of cellular DNA or sigils writings

"The waiting list is long, but I'm truly willing to make that effort." is therefore the sentence of the day and we have the trust that there will be a Devine Timing for everyone, including you!

Alchemy transmits "information" to which the DNA responds, and because of our own slightly "strange" uniqueness in this work, the information is transmitted through frequencies and vibrations to the other, even to the other side of the world in this now.

That is why we believe it is very important that people resonate with our pioneering work and that the "yes, I want" button is activated, so that we can read out translation of your unique DNA. And we do this not only with words, but especially with very ancient writings!

The "recordings" in DNA are cellular memories and even before the brain can "get it," the work is done and that is what makes our work so enjoyable and interesting.

TaR-RaH, Your Beautiful Mother Planet has received Unprecedented Help from All Corners of This Universe, in which People traveled specifically to Country Points where the Ley lines were Cleared with Collective Cooperation, both Astral and Physical. Many went to Mountains, Waters, and Power Places to Contribute to the "Cardioversion" of TaR-RaH's Heart - The Start-up of the Real Rhythmic Waves - and You Succeeded!

My name is
Heidy van Melis
Forerunner, Researcher and Explorer
of the 'lost' DNA

"Only when your own lead has turned to gold.
you can guide others in this"

For about three decades I have been working as an Alchemical Information Transmitter & Healer of the damaged cellular DNA structures.

Even in today's time, it is still Pioneer work! Many Starseeds struggling to descend into their bodies I have had the opportunity to help them reincarnate into their Human form. As a hidden worker for the collective, I was as a person a "world stranger" who especially had to learn to become human and that was not exactly easy in this DNA.

With my pretty experiential history, now as a 50+ year old, I have been able to unravel quite a few confiscated "secrets" from the original DNA that is also present in you.

Am I both on a collective and individual level,
Platform builder of what may come yet.

In You I see the other me,
and you may find in me ...

In Lak’ech

Understand that you too are contributing to the improvement of this world when you, out of loving intention, bring your sick neighbor across the street a homemade soup because he lives alone ...

A Source of a Continuum

Once there was a pond with colorless, cold and still water. In that pond there was nothing at all but just - the Darkness, the Cold and the Silence. Two Wise Children, a Young Boy and a Young Girl, who were each other's best friends, had been sent out by their Fathers and Mothers because they were old enough to explore and investigate the surroundings of their Neighbor Country.

The Neighborland was silent, dark and cold, and the children could perceive nothing but some vague outlines here and there. They walked with their bare feet past the pond without having noticed it. Their footsteps in the sand created some soft and subtle vibrations in the water of the pond. Their Fathers and Mothers had brought along a Kompas (compass) just to be sure ....