Spirituality can be seen as an inner journey towards the realization of self.

In contrary to what many people think, spirituality has nothing to do with tarot cards or the calling to angels. However, there is a magical connection between our thoughts and feelings and the materialized world in which we live.

Energetic soul and materialized body have unwillingly been at war with each other for centuries. The energetic soul is neither masculine nor feminine, so androgynous. The physical body is masculine or feminine, so gender specific.

The individual and collective darkness and light we experience, precisely in this condition, the inner duality of both. As from within, as from without and nothing is less true than that inflecting self-image exists. Through others we are shown the mirrors that reveal how far we are driven apart from the inside.

The fusion into a collective non-dual form of unity is symbolic, working on the balance of a humanity on this world. For this we have to work on an individual level first at our own damaged structures and become an inner unity form.

The fusion process of inner oneness, resourcing the soul with the body is an alchemical process. Not much is known about the work of alchemists in this world full of modern holistic healers.

The commonly sketched and outdated image will be that of a confused scientist, working alone in a disorganized room trying to turn lead into gold.

The alchemist indeed prefers to work alone, because he has a high level of clairsentience - knowing and hearing. The working room is filled with books, stones, bottles, crystals, metals, sketches, sound instruments, herbs, tinctures, colors and writing materials.

They are occupied with unraveling complex symbolic writings and coded seals. They investigate mystical and magical healing forms and crack their codes.

During this work the alchemist finds itself in meditation, channeling and silence. This is to be able to make a very pure tuning with the energy that is released once the codes have been cracked.

Through hard work, self-examination, decomposition, purification and detachment, the modern alchemist realizes the gold in itself first, before teaching others.

Compasswork has a practice in Moderen Alchemy

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It uses the aqueous substance in the body that reacts to vibrations and frequencies.

Many people report physical complaints such as headaches, tinnitus, tiredness, flu-like sensations, sensitive joints, painful stitches or electric shocks in several areas of the body.

Energy complaints are also being plenty reported, such as conflicts with the environment, attachments of lines and entities, restlessness, insomnia, over-emotional and radiation sensitivity.

There is a transition going on that has an effect on both the energetic and the physical body. This transition is intended to transform damaged DNA into the original undamaged blueprint. Our DNA still contains old Templates and there is a lot of information to be read. That is why Kompaswerk has described this separately on a page of this website.

The most common problems of our energetic system so far (hologram) are energetic pollution such as holes, dimples, misalignment, attachments, implants, curse-lines, takeovers and old templates.

When the hologram is contaminated - which is usually the case - the flows of the soft cells in the body will stop, which can cause blockages in the body's energy systems.

Our bodies consist for the most part of soft cells that contain an aqueous substance (plasma). Compasswork uses this plasma which reacts absolutely to frequencies and vibrations through resonance.

Each cell in the human body has its own resonant frequency (vibration), which acts as a transmitter and receiver. Resonance therapy was invented by Nicola Tesla, among others, offering a variety of harmonic frequencies and vibrations to the cells.

The hardened cells are able to regenerate and in this way can return to their own (resonance) frequency and become fluid again.

Through the placement of the hands, certain movements, sounds, metals and crystals on certain parts of the body, plasma comes into motion. This softens the hardened structures, allowing the soft moving plasma cells to spread, multiply and spread.

Alchemy is very extensive and makes connections that set processes in motion. There will always be intuitive tuning which means that no treatment or healing goes through the same thing. In energetic work there are no forms of Quick Fix, so that requires a little patience with yourself.

In the short term Compasswork will offer individual courses and training sessions about the pioneering work of Modern Alchemy. If you would like to know more about it, please feel free to contact me.

Since 1999 I, Heidy van Melis, have been continuously working on individual and collective work experience and developments. It is said that this is pioneering work that just really works.

Feel free to explore the website, because it contains all kinds of useful information that can lead to insights. Just let us know if you have any questions, if you have something interesting to tell us or if you want to book an appointment.

Send an email to info@kompaswerk.nl. With a visit to the practice, keep in mind that sometimes there can be a waiting time.

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